Arrested? Know What to Do First

Whatever the circumstances might be, if you’re being charged with committing a crime, it’s important to know your rights when being arrested. While we hope you never have an issue with police, knowing what to do after being arrested can make a world of difference in your defense.

The moments between first seeing the police and being processed are some of the most crucial moments when navigating the legal process. What you do may very well determine what will happen next, and what you say during this time can even have a tremendous impact on your case. Whether you are facing an arrest or are just interested in learning more, take heed of these instructions.

The Arrest Process

First, let’s talk about what is going to happen during your arrest. As mentioned, the police will approach and most likely handcuff you. While they are doing that, they will read you your Miranda rights, standard procedure during every arrest in the United States, as The Legal Aid Society notes. They will then bring you to the precinct where you were arrested and possibly on to a holding center or county jail. During this process, the arresting officers will take your belongings, fingerprint you, and then provide you with an opportunity to make a phone call.

After processing, and depending on the severity of the charge being levied against you, you may be released with an appearance ticket or taken in front of a judge for arraignment. At an arraignment hearing, the judge will hear the initial information on the case and make a decision about bail, as well as set a date for your next court appearance.

How to Handle the Situation

There’s no other way to say it: getting arrested is a scary and nerve-wracking situation, so it is important to keep your wits about you during the process. The police may try to ask you some questions about your charges, but you should remain silent and immediately request to speak with a lawyer.

You have the right to speak with an attorney after being arrested. As you may know –and will be told again when read your Miranda rights – anything you say to police can, and often will, be used against you in court. It’s important that you take advantage of your rights and simply and calmly request to speak with a lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Richard S. Binko, our criminal court lawyers will help you to get through the arraignment process as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have decades of experience working with clients as they navigate the court and justice system, and there is no situation that we have not seen. We will use our extensive knowledge to deal with the situation accordingly and help put together the best defense possible in your case.

It is essential that you call our offices as soon as you can following an arrest so that our team can get started on helping you with your case. Don’t try to navigate the process yourself. Turn to the criminal law experts at the Law Offices of Richard S. Binko. Call us today at 716-895-5500 to learn more.

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