Construction Accident? Let Us Help Build Your Case

The summer season brings many wonderful things, including warm weather, a more relaxed work schedule, and a chance to get that much-needed construction work done on your home or at your business. As a construction worker or contractor, this has no doubt been your busiest time of the year, but being that busy can also increase the chances of a potential personal accident.

In a personal injury case, an injured person or the family of someone who died as a result of an accident may request compensation from a defendant believed to be negligent or intentionally at fault for the harm. To successfully win a judgement in such a case, proof of neglect or willful action that led to harm must be shown in court, which is when having an experienced law team that knows where to look in a construction accident is vital.

Of course, no one wants to see a construction worker hurt on the job, but if the unforeseen instance does occur, it is important to obtain the services of a smart and capable attorney to handle your case. The team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Binko is just the legal experts you need for your personal injury case, with the knowledge and expertise to help in your situation. Let’s take a look at three common types of cases that we see most frequently during the summer months.

Personal InjuryIndustrial Accident

Many workers may not realize this, but New York state law dictates that if you get injured on the job, the responsibility falls on the property owner – and that even goes for work completed on city and county property as well.  For instance, in a recent case in Niagara County, a worker was injured while transporting materials on the Niagara County Community College campus. He brought his case to a local construction accident attorney, and he may be looking at close to a $5 million payout. We can handle the complexities involved in city and county cases like this for you, as well.

Ladder or Scaffold Accident

Ladders and scaffolding are often needed for accessing construction sites in high places. However, the dangers of working at such heights also means that there are often stringent requirements for safety harnesses, scaffold construction and other work activities to keep everyone safe. Earlier this year, these practices failed for a 45-year-old man working at a wastewater plant down the Thruway in Syracuse. The man fell 25 feet at the county job site, reported the Syracuse Post-Standard.

While the circumstances of the case were not revealed at the time, with a legal team like the Law Offices of Richard S. Binko working on your case, we’ll hunt down the truth and determine if there were any errors in judgement or safety equipment failures that could have contributed and that may mean you could be eligible for compensation.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes accidents are so severe that they can lead to an individual’s death, but in cases where safety equipment malfunctions or insufficient precautions were taken, you may have a case. Earlier this year, for example, a handler for a hot air balloon at a festival in Nunda was holding onto the basket so that passengers could get out. According to the Times Union, the balloon then suddenly caught a gust of air and took off, picking the handler up and carrying him to a height of roughly 100 feet.

The individual died as a result of this tragic accident, but should there have been more emphasis on securing the balloon or should there have been more safety equipment in use? While the situation in this incident is unique, these are questions that you may be asking and that we can ask on you and your family’s behalf.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being part of even a minor construction accident, contact our offices for a consultation. We are here for you. Call us at 716-895-5500 to schedule an appointment to discuss your construction-related personal injury case today.

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